FME Technologies offers our clients custom engraving and marking for professional and personal items. With our specialized laser marking equipment, we are able to perfect the images and/or text that will be engraved, etched or cut in acrylics, woods, metals, steel and other various materials.

Our most common projects:

  • Traceable Bar Codes
  • Numbers for parts and products
  • Logos/Tag Lines
  • Novelty Items (wedding gifts, trophies, awards)
  • Signs
  • Personal items with contact info (cell phones, tablets,  other electronic devices, entire bag of golf clubs marked which could make for a great gift!)
  • Contract Marking

    Traceability using bar codes and Data matrix codes. FDA and GS1 UDI Laser Marking.
    Lot numbers on parts and products.
    Multi lines of text and logo placements.
  • Consumer Engraving

    All personal items that need to have a "Loss Prevention" mark with contact information.
    Pets, family portraits and all novelty items.
    Signs, cutouts and stencils.