The most common uses for marking metals are for badges, company giveaways, business cards, photo frames, bar codes for equipment, pocket knives and much more!

  • Data matrix code on stainless steel
    Black text on hard steel
    Silver logo on gun barrel
    Different colors on gun barrels
    Knife engraving
    High School logos on black anodized
    Hard coat paint surface marks
    Part numbers on steel
    Family portrait on anodized
    Various metals
    Business cards on anodized aluminum
    Frosted mark on shiny steel
    Dark mark on shiny steel
    Infant portrait on anodized
    Logo on black anodized
    Part numbers on black anodized
    Logos on anodized aluminum
    Logos on stainless steel
    .010 depth on 4140 steel
    Deep engraved marks with black annealed bar code on A2 tool steel
    Serialized part numbers on steel
    Steel tag dark surface marks and serialized
    Dog tag personal engraving
    Multiple marks on all sides of briefcase
    Annealed black and white arrows on steel
    White arrow on painted steel
    Black annealed numbers on steel
    Deep engraving on brass
    Family crest on anodized coated steel
    Personalized golf club
    Personalized kitchen utensils
    Bruins logo on motorcycle horn cover
    Resident Evil Build Logo
    Resident Evil Build Text
    Resident Evil Build
    Trump Build 45
    Trump Build Top Slide
    Trump Build Make America Great Again
    Trump Build 1
    Trump Build 2
    Trump Build 3
    In Glock We Trust