• FME Technologies

    Bar codes and product tracability are the top priority for any company sending out parts. When your products are shipped all over the world how do you keep track of who or where they end up? We can help.

About Us

FME Technologies is a locally owned laser marking and engraving company in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. We specialize in laser marking and engraving on all metals and plastics. We serve all the main markets such as: Aerospace, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical.

Any company or consumers that require materials or personal items permanently marked with first class fiber laser technology please contact us. We can accommodate any marking on all materials. We have multiple fiber laser marking systems for marking metals and some plastics plus a CO2 laser that can mark wood, glass, acrylic and other custom materials.

FME Technologies proudly represents TYKMA Technologies and all of their laser marking systems. We will gladly assist you in any arena regarding the laser marking industry.